Tuesday, December 1, 2009


DTR. These three letters send people over the edge. For those of you who are illiterate to 21st century jargon, DTR is the code word for "defining the relationship." Usually boys avoid the "DTR" talk like the plague, but my friends may be worse than boys. There is something ridiculously scary about the words "committed" or "monogamous" or "taken."

Even if you're absolutely crazy about someone, being 100% committed to a relationship causes a little heartburn. The word single just sounds so inviting, adventurous, and mysterious. The options are endless. Being in a relationship sounds so predictable and boring.

My friend (we'll refer to her as the Perpetual Postponer from now on, because she is notorious for dodging the DTR) has essentially been committed to a certain boy for almost a semester now. She hasn't been looking for any other prospects and spends an abundance of time with this one certain boy that she claims to not be committed to. So what's stopping her? Letting go of being single may be worse than breaking up with someone. It's a lifestyle change, and frankly it's just intimidating. I don't think miss Perpetual Postponer will be able to postpone the DTR much longer, so we'll see how the girlfriend shoe fits her.

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